elitefts™ Blast Straps

The best way to perform suspended push-ups, chin-ups, face pulls, and other bodyweight exercises.

Sold as a pair.

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elitefts™ Blast Straps

The elitefts™ Blast Straps have been featured in Men's Health, Men's Fitness, and many other national magazines. Voted as one of the best gifts of the 2005 holiday season, the Blast Straps have become a runaway bestseller and are still popular!

General Information

Blast Straps offer many training functions, ranging from general conditioning, mass building, and injury prevention and rehabilitation. The stability training offered by using these straps will train your body in ways you never felt before.

The Blast Straps attach to the top of any power rack and allow you to do many different exercises such as suspended push-ups, the abdominal fall out and fat man pull-ups. Blast Straps will fit into any gym bag making them one of the best training accessories you will ever have. Blast Straps are a must for anyone interested in strength and conditioning.

Sold as a pair.

How-To Video from our US counterpart:

Click Here for More Blast Strap Movements

DISCLAIMER: Proper use of blast straps includes checking connections and links before use. elitefts™ is not responsible for personal damage, damage to property, injuries, or death that could occur from improper use of Blast Straps. These are built like tanks, but a tank with the door left open is vulnerable to damage. Check the triangular link for proper nut closure before use. 

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