Elitefts Push Sled

The elitefts Push Sled is the ultimate cardio tool for strength and power athletes of all shapes and sizes. 

*Built to order, up to 8 week lead time


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EliteFTS Push Sled

We have found a way to take the original EliteFTS Push Sled and make it a little easier to ship and easier on the wallet. Much has been written and said about the sled and all of it is true. There has never been anything like this to get an athlete in shape. 

The EliteFTS Push Sled will break down to fit in your trunk or truck bed. Measures 43"x36". Upright pipes are easily removed. Olympic plates not included. This can be used on any surface - grass, concrete, pavement, or artificial turf. EliteFTS Push Sled weighs 65lbs. 

EFS is not responsible for any damage or wear done on the skis of the Elitefts Push Sled when pushing on concrete or pavement!

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