elitefts™ Dark Side Smelling Salts


DARK SIDE Smelling Salts are the most EXTREME (that's not marketing verbiage) salts we have seen or used. Pure Menthol Crystals 

Pure Menthol Crystals...Use with caution. 


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elitefts™ Dark Side Smelling Salts

DARK SIDE smelling salts are made with max effort attempts in mind. These are not your everyday training salts used to create extra focus and hype. These will kick you right in the A**, so your training state becomes more serious than the weight. 


They are generally used as a focus, psych-up aid for powerlifters, bodybuilders, strongman, weightlifters, and other types of strength athletes. Pure Menthol Crystals are added to these salts, creating an extreme vapor and must be used with caution!



Mixing Directions to Activate: 

*Ships Unactivated - DARK SIDE arrives unactivated, so it never loses potency during shipping. 



To Activate:


  1. Open bottle 
  2. Fill the bottle cap with water
  3. Poor water in bottle 
  4. Close lid
  5. Shake bottle 



Directions for Use: 


    1. Shake bottle 
    2. Open lid
  • Keep nostrils 6-10 inches away from the bottle 
  1. Inhale with a slight whiff



Safety Information:


For external use only. 

Avoid contact with skin. 

Keep away from eyes.

Keep out of reach from children.

Replace safety cap after each use .

Incorrect OR excessive use can cause irritation or burning. 


We highly recommend opening the activated bottle 6-10 inches away from your nose and waft the bottle from side to side to slightly whiff through nostrils. 



How do DARK SIDE salts work? 


Smelling salts arouse consciousness by releasing ammonia (NH3) gas to irritate the nose and lungs' membranes to trigger an inhalation reflex.  


The body reproduces an acute pain response, like the kind you get when you accidentally hit your finger with a hammer. It's in that dreadful moment that your brain secretes a tiny but significant boost of adrenaline. 


Besides the physical pain of the finger, there's a full-body response to the incident: an increase in alertness and an inattentiveness to most everything else EXCEPT the acute pain. 


That's exactly what inhaling ammonia does to your body globally: it causes a tiny yet significant boost of adrenaline that lasts up to one minute. 


However, unlike a bodily injury, you don't have to get a band-aid, and it doesn't swell, bruise, or hurt for hours or days afterward. There is no damage.

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