elitefts™ Paracord Key Chain

Paracord Key Chain


Heavy-duty key chain for the heavy-duty


  • Emergency paracord
  • Hook
  • Key ring
  • McGyver would love this!
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Paracord Key Chain


The Paracord Key Chain is a great tool for those of you on your daily travels that have things you need to connect, secure, and carry. With a sturdy hook, you can hold and store keys, and you can attach your keys to your backpack, gym bag, or belt loop. It’s strong enough for small things like a knife, mini flashlight, scissors, small water bottle, dog water bowl, and more if you’re the adventurous type!


As an added bonus, if you find yourself in a McGyver-type situation and in need of rope, undo the paracord to extend its material.



  • Length 16cm
  • Material: Zinc Alloy + Polyester 
  • Color: Black or Green with elitefts logo
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