Elitefts™ Rickshaw

Another way to build your "Yoke"
Farmers carries, shrugs, static lifts and anything else you can think of!

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elitefts™ Rickshaw

A lot has been written about the yoke and its development. The shrug (and it's many variations) are probably the #1 exercise for developing massive traps.

The EFS Rickshaw is the best shrug machine that I've used. It has three handles to choose from; the fat bar handles are great for improving grip. But let's be honest here - working your grip is just a side benefit. Some people want big arms; we want big traps. Those with big arms will deny it, but they all secretly harbor wishes of a neck that is non-existent.

Features height adjustment, 3 rotational handles (one-inch, two-inch, and 2.375-inch), rubber feet, utilization for famer's walks, easy load design, and is also walk-through.

The one we have in stock is already painted and is red


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