elitefts™ Signature Competition Bench

The Signature Competition Bench is the end-all of benches, based on years of experience and research and development by our team.

*Built to order, 8 week lead time

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Signature Competition Bench (kinda... read on)

For those of you who don't know, we sponsor many of the strongest bench pressers in the world, so we take our benches very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that this bench has been undergoing testing in our weight room for close to 11 months. In this time, we have had three training seminars, three underground training sessions with our sponsors, and countless bench press training sessions. 

From all of this, we know that this is the most bad ass bench ever made— bar none! 

This bench features...

*Competition Specs (with the exception of the pad)

*New UHMW adjustable safeties that can also be used for pin presses. 

* Adjustable UHMW Uprights with EZ Grip Handles 

* Gripper FAT pad 

* Gripper Head Sleeve 

* Band Pegs 

* UHMW Weight Storage 

* Checker Plate Walk Through 

The FAT PAD is NOT of competition specs and can be traded down to a regular pad.
We are including the FAT PAD as an included upgrade due to high customer demand. 

The Fat pad is wider and thicker than a regular pad, offering greater stability. 

70"L x 44"T x 50"W 

Accent (color options) available for the frame, bench pad frame and safety arms.

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