Training with Accommodating Resistance (eBook)

Why use accommodating resistance? What is the importance of bands and chains in your training? 

Learn these answers with this Starter Guide to Strength Training with Bands and Chains ebook. 


Author: elitefts Staff
Length: 29 pages

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Training with Accommodating Resistance (eBook)

By elitefts Staff

29 pages

Creating and implementing a successful training program can be difficult. Adding in chains and bands to said program and be even more difficult, if not impossible. So where do you start? This ebook is The Starter Guide to Strength Training with Bands and Chains and is exactly where you should start your journey to a better training system.


Learn the basics of accommodating resistance throughout this ebook - from band and chain set up to a sample max effort and dynamic effort cycle. This ebook will put you on the right path to taking your training to the next level.

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