Raising the Bar (eBook)

This book was printed with blood, sweat, and tears! There are failures, rejections, and soul-crippling fear. Whether discussing a personal relationship or a business decision, Dave Tate describes the issues involved, the available options, and the intensity of feelings and conflicting emotions that inevitably arose from the situation. By sticking to basic principles, he shows how it was possible to overcome adversity, resolve conflicts, and rise to new heights. A life spent raising the bar.

Author: Dave Tate
Length: 184 pages

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Raising the Bar (eBook)

By Dave Tate

184 pages

This is the story of a life. An American life. A story in which a man, in the face of the conventional logic that dictates where we stand and what we should expect to be, found his own way. His own solutions. His own life.

A life spent raising the bar.

elitefts™ is a multi-million dollar business that's currently at the forefront of virtually every innovation in the fitness industry. Dave Tate started elitefts™ in 1998 on a second-hand computer in a spare bedroom of an apartment he shared with his wife. Almost 11 years later, elitefts™ is arguably the most influential company and website in the industry.

Great story, right?

Sure, it's a great story, but when a man is capable of building a business like elitefts™ from scratch, there's more to that man than his powerlifting total. And there's more to his story than a simple trouble-free climb to success.

Dave Tate didn't know whether he should write this book or not. Then once he started writing it, there were sections people — numerous people, including some of his most trusted advisors — told him not to include.

He didn't listen.

In Raising the Bar, Dave tells his entire story, warts and all. From a troubled childhood, passed off from one special education program to another and labeled "stupid" and "learning disabled," to the pitfalls of success. Dave takes the reader through the entire experience, demonstrating and teaching the strategies he's used throughout his life to prepare, perform, and prevail — in even the most hopeless situations imaginable.

This is a remarkable book, and Dave is a remarkable man, but he's a remarkable man who's no different from you, and that's what makes his story special. Order your copy of Raising the Bar, and let Dave Tate show you how to make your story just as remarkable.

Praise for Raising the Bar

"Dave Tate has learned what it means to choose where you go instead of following where you're led, and he's learned it while standing under the enlightening strain of an unforgiving weight. With Raising the Bar, Dave Tate provides an exemplary text showing all that can be learned from a little time under the bar." — Justin Harris

"Most of us know what we want out of life, but only a handful of us have learned how to get it. With Raising the Bar, Dave Tate has not only provided you with the personal road map that's helped him navigate the numerous challenges and obstacles that have stood between him and his goals, but he also shares a step-by-step formula all of us can use to achieve more success in our careers and personal lives. If you want to make your dreams reality, you need this book." — Pat Rigsby, Fitness Consulting Group

"Dave Tate has been my mentor and friend since 1999. His business savvy and training expertise have had an incredible impact on both the success of my business and my development as a trainer. Whether I was facing a critical business decision or simply looking for new ways to get my athletes stronger, Dave has always been my number one resource. Now, with Raising the Bar, Dave's knowledge and experience are available to everyone. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to take their business, training, and quality of life to the next level." — Joe DeFranco, DeFranco's Training Systems

"It takes big balls to write an emotional book like this when you're a dude, especially a dude with as much status as Dave Tate has, in a world dedicated to testosterone and masculinity. This book is powerful simply because it'll make so many of the badass dudes out there aware of their feelings. Dave did a great job with this book. It's a powerful read, and he'll hear immediate feedback from the people whose lives Raising the Bar will touch. I'm honored to have been among the first to read it. Thank you, Dave." — Susan Finley

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